Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 1002

Or as my son puts it, day 10^3.
My kids and my wife rode their bikes alongside me for a mile today, supporting me on this milestone. Here we are, cruising along
I went on ahead, doing what I think is my longest run on this streak, almost 6 miles.

Edit on Sept 8, 2011: I had misnumbered things, and Day 1000 was actually two days earlier, but the celebration still stands.


tjaybelt said...

amazing, incredible, inspiring

Karen Lopez - said...

Such a great thing, Steve.

I did a running streak, once, for 30 days. My worst was on the Marriott Marquis treadmill overlooking Times Square, at 11:45 PM. This was after being out all day, then stuffing myself with pasta and wine at a large group dinner.

I remember trying to run faster than I should to get the run in on time while also trying not to lose my pasta all over the gym.

I was glad I did the streak, but I'm not sure it's the thing for me. I so much like my long runs, which I can't do everyday.

I think I need to try a yoga streak or a meditation streak.

Steve Jones said...

Thanks, and the streak has been hard a few times, but not many. There were only a few days, probably less than a dozen when I didn't want to run or struggled to fit it into the schedule.

For the most part, I run early, which definitely helps.