Monday, August 9, 2010

Running Healthy

I’ve been running every day for almost two years. Someone recently asked me how I managed to stay healthy that long and keep running. My answer surprised them:

“I didn’t”

I haven’t been healthy for two years. As I write this, I have a tight lower back on the left side, and a sore right ankle that I rolled twice in the last month.

If you plan on running every day, you’re going to have to run with some injuries. You are going to run in pain. The sore ankles, tired feet, allergies, colds, headaches, pulled hamstrings, and other maladies are going to afflict you.

That doesn’t mean you run through anything. There are a few times when I have thought I’d have to stop because of injury. I’ve gone out and moved slowly, testing the injury and making a decision every 20-30sec if I should stop. So far none of them have been that severe, and I’ve managed to muddle through some slow runs.

Don’t let injury necessarily stop you, but modify what you do, pay attention, and if you are getting worse, stop. You’ll definitely prolong healing times, but I have been amazed how much more in touch with my body I am and how I’ve run through injuries over a few weeks.

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