Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 760

Out at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, with a little extra time before lunch, I pulled on shoes and headed down the hill. I didn’t get sound since I think my headphones finally died, and I need to get anohter pair since I was listening to the sound of wind as I went.

We were up on top of the ridge, camping higher than I had before, one of the higher spots at the camp. I went down the road, hitting the trail briefly to avoid some kids heading to lunch, but worried about the trails. They seem to have lots of uneven terrain and roots, so I didn’t want to sit on them.

I reached the turn off for the other camp, but could see the road ahead of me and decided to run down there to see how far it was from camp. The Nike+ read 1.4, and I turned, heading back up.

It’s a daunting hill, and I bet I climbed easily 300-400 feet in that 1.4 mi back up. I was tempted to stop a few times, but I slowed and pressed on, proud to make it back to camp after a cold night and very little sleep.



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