Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 765

A beautiful day outside, so I took advantage since I wasn't in a big rush. I headed down the road, iPod keeping me company.

I waited a long time to run. I planned on 30 more minutes of work at 10:55 and then at 12:45 I decided to give up and run. I was hungry and it was a struggle to get started down the road. My legs were slightly achey. No real pain, but just achey and not in the mood. I had every intention of doing one of the short runs that I do with my son, about 1.3mi or so.

However as I pushed on, I felt better. I reached the short mark and kept going, making my normal turn at right around 1mi. I was on a good just sub-10:00/mi page, so I pushed a bit more and ended up finishing with a strong run, about 9:50 pace.


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