Monday, October 4, 2010

Not Taking Advantage

I was in Kansas City this past weekend for work, and typically when I’ve gone to a new city, I’ve tried to run outside, experience the area a bit.

Not that I’ve had great runs in Charlotte (next to a highway), Austin (the same) or Las Vegas (running on sidewalk near the strip), but it’s been something. I did enjoy the lake runs in Baton Rouge.

I was hoping to do that in KC, but I was jammed for time both Fri and Sat. I knew about Fri, so I ran at home, and Sat I wasn’t sure, but since there wasn’t anything much around the hotel, I hit the treadmill. The hotel was on a feeder road by a highway, so it wasn’t much.

However I could have booked a slightly later flight on Sunday morning, and gotten up to go somewhere to run.

It’s something that I feel I’m not taking advantage of, the trips to other places, and I need to get out and see some of the local area, or parks, and enjoy a run with a bit of scenery.

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