Monday, September 22, 2008

Running Together

I had planned on running with Tia, my wife today. We haven't done that in a long time, and we haven't had a lot of time together the last month or so. She's been traveling, and we are a busy couple with 3 kids.

So we talked a bit and were going to try and go between her conference calls, but it wasn't working out, she ran long on one, had another pop up, my eating wasn't matching hers, and so I hit the treadmill, knowing I needed to shower and get some work done before she left.

While she was getting ready she said she'd had a good Body for Life run on the treadmill. She had gone down to the basement to run right before packing. I said that I was on my 13th day of running and felt good. Not great, but I was trying something different. She asked if she should do it with me.

I said sure. It's not that we'd necessarily run together every day, but we'd try to coordinate some runs so that we had some time together. The low mile to mile and a half time frame makes it easy for us to fit it in, and moving at a nice easy pace would be good for both of us.

I miss exercising with her, running, lifting, etc., and life has been so busy, it's been hard for us to get the good workouts we used to enjoy in every day. Going with a lower threshold of a mile has worked for me, so we'll see if she joins me.

Maybe I'll even get her to blog.

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