Monday, July 20, 2009

Creeping Up

When I got my Nike + sensor, I started logging my runs over there. And I created a "run every day" challenge as well. It was a public challenge and anyone could join, with their miles starting to count from when they joined.

Since the challenge started, there have been 36 people that joined, but only 29 logging miles. The newest person, or the lowest miles is someone with 2.25 miles. The leader, who isn't me, has 749miles. I think there's something wrong that I'm not leading my challenge, or even in the top 5. I'm 8th, with 276 miles.

I've been slowly creeping up, and it shows a bit of the turtle v hare philosophy. I started as #12 pretty quickly in February (a month in), but have slowly been creeping up. I caught a few people, to move into 8th, and I've been chasing #7 for some time. It's a lady in Great Britain, and she has 286 miles, so I'm only 10 back.

Pretty good considering when I finally got to 8th I was 30 miles back. I got within 12 one time before, but she went on a tear and got back ahead. Her last run was 11 miles, so if she runs with any frequency, she'll stay ahead of me. But I do think that I'll catch her at some point. We might seasaw back and forth, but I think by the time I hit a year I'll be in 7th.

It's silly, and it doesn't mean anything, but it's a little goal, one of many, that keeps me going.

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