Sunday, January 18, 2009

Making Do On The Road

No suitcase, no change of clothes, stuck at an airport hotel with no toiletries, but I knew I needed to run this morning. I have a 4pm flight, will fly all night and there's no time to do much else. My flight was cancelled last night, so I was stuck in Chicago and they wouldn't release my bag.

I suppose I could have searched for toiletries at the airport and then jogged lightly around the airport, but I decided to hit the treadmill here in the hotel first thing. I stripped off my shirt, since I don't have another one right now, ran in my Merrills and jeans, taking a slow jog.

I got through it and immediately got back to my room and stripped everything off the minimize the sweat. I had time, so I washed the socks in the sink with soap to minimize the smell of flying all night. I only did it because I had a hair dryer in my room. So after washing, I stood there, blow drying my socks. They got mostly dry, so I went to breakfast, no socks, and then came back to do more blow drying.

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