Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seventeen Weeks

It doesn't sound like a long time when you write it in weeks, but today was day 119 of my running streak.

I feel OK, a sore knee, slightly tweaked ankle, and struggling after going back to karate last night. This is definitely a bit of a lull for the running streak as I struggle to get down here the last few days and run.

It might be a let down after last week when I had two runs outside, and the week before when I stretched to some 2 milers, but in any case, I don't hate it and I'll keep pushing.

I haven't tracked my totals in a few weeks and don't really want to dig in and do them now, but it seems that I've been averaging about 10.5 miles a week, so I'd be about 170+ miles since September, which is pretty good. Not sure if that's a record in my life since I ran a pretty good amount in college when training for a marathon and I've had lots of weeks where I ran 15-20 miles a week, but I don't know if I've kept it up for this long.

In any case, I feel good overall, and feel stronger in my lungs. The weight hasn't gone way down, but I think that's a function of not great eating, especially with travel and the holidays. I do feel proud I've managed to get this far and to get runs in around snowboarding. Those days are a challenge, but for now I think I could maintain this for another 17 weeks.

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