Monday, June 1, 2009

200 = 500

According to Nike +, I will make a 500 mile goal. When I synced my iPod recently, I crossed the 200 mile mark on their site. I have probably 20-30 more miles that weren't logged there this year, but I can't add them there.

Their popup said that if you get to 200 miles, you're likely to get to 500. That's encouraging since I think if I can run every day this year I'll hit 500 miles. My pace is up to 1.5mi a day, and 2 on many days, so that puts me in a nice spot.

My goal on Nike + is to run 31 miles a month, at least 1 a day (they don't have a daily goal) and I've hit that every month except Jan. That's because I didn't buy the Nike + until mid Jan, so I only ended up with 16 miles. That's one more thing I'd like to see changed. I'd like to have the resolution show me how far I exceeded it, not just stop when it is met.

I have a daily challenge as well, with 30 some people joining me. I'm #8 pretty consistently now. I used to be 11, but the steady gains have lifted me. Not sure I can catch 6 as that person is about 50mi ahead of me and runs 10-20 miles at a time. I might catch #7 as she's 29 miles ahead of me, and not moving every day.

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