Monday, June 1, 2009

The Danger to The Streak

My running streak was in danger, and I guess it still is. However it wasn't from baseball. Not from karate, not even from running.

I was almost done in by cutting grass.

Actually to be fair, I slipped getting off the tractor yesterday in the rain and slightly twisted my right ankle. I knew it was hurt last night, and it was even more sore this morning when I first got up. I definitely had a limp getting Kendall to school.

However at 10:45, I felt like a run, and decided to give it a try. It was hurting, but not a sharp pain, more a constant, nagging ache. I stayed slow, a nice 5.3-5.5mph pace and managed to get through it. It warmed up and felt better around 10 minutes in, and I considered going for 14 minutes when I hit 13 at that pace, but decided on rest. I slowed, and walked the last minute.

Now it's time to alternately ice and not ice.

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