Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was watching Hard Knocks in 2008, getting excited about the upcoming football season in the US. This season was based on the Dallas Cowboys, the team I've followed my whole life, and I really enjoyed the show.

During the second week, the show talked about the Garrett brothers that coach on the team. There's Jason, the offensive coordinator, John coaching tight ends, and Judd in the personnel group. However the thing that caught my eye was a spot on their father, Jim Garrett.

He's 78 and while the show a bit of his inspiration to his boys, they show him running at Princeton University on the track. He's hunched over, he's moving relatively slowly, but he's running. They then show Bill Cowher asking John about his Dad and his running. Apparently he's still running.

Since 1980. 28 years and he runs every day.

I was amazed by that and inspired. I thought, "why can't I do that?"

I know why it's hard, injuries, life, and more get in the way. Finding the 15 minutes to run (warm up, stretch, cool down) and get a mile in is possible, but the motivation is hard.

I was inspired, so I decided to give it a try. I went 4 days, then missed one, then went every other day for a few weeks until I hurt an ankle and then decided to take a week off. I felt bad and decided if a 78 year old man, who probably hurts at times, can do it. So can I.

So here's the blog.

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