Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mapping Runs

My wife found this site at one point and showed it to me, but since I wasn't running, I didn't pay attention. However I wanted to run outside today, so I decided to check it out:


It allows you to use a real time map to plot out your run and it gives you the distance, which is cool. Saves me driving around with the odometer, and it allows me to get to places I couldn't easily measure before.

I actually used this the other day to map a run outside. My wife and I were thinking to run together and while she wants to do the run every day thing with me, it's more of a hobby for her and not as serious as it is for me. I'd like to get on the streak for the USRA, so I want to be sure I'm going at least a mile.

Her plan was to run for 20 minutes, which should do it, but I wanted to mark things down. So I used the site above to map out a run, ensuring we were going about 1.5 miles and then we ran what I'd mapped, which took about 20 minutes.

She was right, but I was sure.

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