Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Routine

I wanted to run at 11:30, got busy and then when I was free at 12:30, I was too hungry. So I ate and planned for 2:30-ish. Forgot about it and the next thing I knew it was 3:14 and time to go get kids.

That's how a lot of my days go, trying to match up the window of time when I'm not too hungry with work to find time to run. I haven't made it enough of a priority and I'm not in enough of a routine to do it consistently. I think I need to pick a time and stick with it, adjusting on the road. That has always worked well for me and when I had to drive to an office, I planned my meals so that I'd be heading out to the gym or for a run at 11:30 every day. I definitely like that.

My normal treadmill routine is based on the Body For Life workouts I used to do. It's modified for time, but as I get in better shape, and my legs get stronger, I'll work a few of these in there. Now, here's what I do:

1 min stretching (both calves and then touching toes)
2 min warmup, 4mph - This is where I walk quickly, get blood flowing
1-10 minutes, 6-6.5mph - Depends on how I feel. I might start at 6.2 or I might creep the speed up every minute or two. This is where I do most of the work and start to build a sweat.
2 minutes, 7-7.5mph - A kick at the finish, making sure I work.
1 minute, 6mph - Starting to cool down
1:30-2:00, 4mph - The cool down

If possible, I then stretch while watching TV or reading to cool the legs down. As always, lots of water.

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